ACostE Accreditation

The following list of Diplomas are offered by the ECITB (the Awarding Body), for which candidates can register via TASC. These have been approved by Ofqual.

Although the user can access each of these from clicking on the relevant link shown below, we also provide you with the link and advice so as to find the listing yourselves from the ECITB web site - as shown at the foot of this page. Also shown is the same, but via OFQUAL web site.

Level 2 Diploma

Level 3 Diploma listing:

Level 5 Diploma listing

Searching for National Diplomas via ECITB web site:
Search steps: On the home page follow link -- Awards & Qualifications then link to Qualifications.
This will lead to a page with an item on the left hand side -- List of ECITB Qualifications.  Here you will have the same information as is on the Ofqual web site for ECITB, BUT in very different format and with a great deal of information about the qualifications and the manner in which they are delivered.
Search results can be accessed from clicking here.

Searching for National Diplomas via Ofqual web site: 
Search using just two criteria; ECITB and QCF.  This will produce a list of all the qualifications that ECITB award.  The Project control family can be found in the list but do not forget that they are entitled Diploma in Cost Engineering, or Estimating, or Planning etc.

Search results can be accessed from clicking here.

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