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Introduction to ICEAA's Software CEBoK ICEAA is been working with the world class software engineering and software estimators from around the world to develop the very first Software Cost Estimating Accreditation for anyone who wants to get certified as a software cost estimator. In this presentation I will go through the Software CEBoK, Certification and my role in the development of this. 

Rajagopal Sanathanan - QinetiQ

 Sanath is a highly capable and internationally recognized Cost Engineer/Cost Estimator specializing in Software Estimating, Software Obsolescence Management, Software Obsolescence Cost Estimating and Parametric Estimating. Sanath is an ISPA (International Society of Parametric Association) certified parametric estimator who worked in various high profile Defence projects in ISS/ISTAR, Air, Maritime and Land domains, providing costing services at all stages of the procurement cycle in setting budgets, historic trends and Independent Cost Estimates assurances for government business cases.

26/11/2020 EVM Analysis
Teaching mechanical engineering students about cost estimates: trials and tribulations Research-led Universities, typically, recruit students with exceptional grades in Mathematics and Physics A-Levels for their undergraduate Engineering programmes. Preparation for these tests, generally, conditions students into a mentality of "finding the correct answer" efficiently, accurately and unambiguously. The direct repercussion of this conditioning is that the students become fundamentally uncomfortable with having to discover, filter and refine messy data, understanding the notion of robustness and dealing with uncertainty; the foundations of good cost estimating. In this webinar, I want to share my experience with various cohorts of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students in two top-10 Universities in UK in challenging their preconceptions about cost estimation and cost engineering and, more fundamentally, the notion that there is a single correct answer to every problem. Aydin Nassehi - University of Bristol

Dr. Aydin Nassehi is the Head of Department and a Reader in manufacturing systems in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol (UK). He is an Associate Member of the International Academy of Production Engineers (CIRP) and the secretary for CIRP UK. He received his PhD in Innovative Manufacturing Technology in 2007 followed by an MSc with distinction in Software engineering. His research interests are in informatics and artificial intelligence in manufacturing.
29/10/2020 EVM Analysis
ACostE Membership – The Benefits The benefits of membership to both individuals and employers, accreditation levels and benefits Christine McLean 29/09/2020 EVM Analysis
Programme Management to maximise DFMA To maximise the benefits of DFMA in both the infrastructure and the utilities sectors, and not just increase the amount of work done off site without achieving significant opportunities and business gains, requires careful planning and a structured approach. At the moment the scramble to DFMA is like the searches in the 19th century for El Dorado, everyone has high hopes but the reward is still elusive. We will first discuss how DFMA interacts with aspects of delivering a large scale programme, and its projects, highlight how the interactions and current models  impact manufacturing   efficiency, and what we can do to remedy that. Plus an understanding some of the issues that can occur by taking the wrong DFMA approach. Paul Taylor - Stantec 24/09/2020 EVM Analysis
Excellent Communication and Leadership Skills What is Leadership? Skills required at different points in your career, leadership scorecard, team diversity, effective communication, understanding emotions, emotional intelligence, how to strengthen your credibility and how to Lead and empower your team through a crisis Christine McLean 22/09/2020 EVM Analysis
Career progression in Project Controls My Career journey, project controls career path, competency assurance, succession planning, qualifications and training, career development

Christine McLean

Michelle Banner

15/09/2020 EVM Analysis
Commercial Awareness Understanding contracts and which ones are actually the riskiest. Understanding cashflow and change control. Christine McLean 08/09/2020 EVM Analysis
How to apply strategic management to your portfolios of projects and programmes Basic principles of strategic management and how to apply this to a portfolio of projects and programmes Shane Forth 01/09/2020 EVM Analysis
How to apply strategic management to your portfolios of projects and programmes Basic principles of strategic management and how to apply this to a portfolio of projects and programmes Shane Forth 25/08/2020 EVM Analysis
Pricing compensation events The first NEC contract was published 27 years ago in 1993, and one of the most significant differences between the NEC contracts and other traditional construction contracts is in the pricing of change, NEC having a single process, the “compensation event”, rather than the traditional three part process of pricing a variation, and the submission of extension of time and loss and expense claims where relevant.  
Kelvin will take delegates through the process of managing compensation events under the NEC3 and NEC4 contracts, including their notification, pricing and assessment, and in doing so will highlight some difficulties and issues that often arise, with some practical guidance on how to prevent, or resolve those issues. 
During the talk, Kelvin will also contrast the NEC approach to the traditional approach of managing change. 
Kelvin Hughes
FFAVE (Emeritus)

Kelvin has over 45 years’ experience in managing major construction contracts  20 years in senior commercial management positions with major contractors 4 years as Senior Lecturer – University of South Wales 22 years as a Contract Consultant

He has been responsible as contracts consultant for advising companies worldwide on procurement, planning/programming/delay analysis, claim and dispute resolution issues based on NEC, JCT, FIDIC, IChemE, and other contracts. 

He has been a leading authority on the NEC contracts since 1995, and has significant experience in drafting NEC contract documents, and dealing with post contract issues. 

He was Secretary and Technical Adviser to the NEC Users’ Group for 10 years, and has written several textbooks on the NEC3 & NEC4 contracts
21/08/2020 EVM Analysis
Baseline Management & Control What is a baseline? What information do we need to create a credible baseline? What is the process? How do you measure against the baseline? This covers both the Planning and Cost aspects of baseline management and control

Michelle Banner

Christine McLean

18/08/2020 EVM Analysis
EVM & Analysis What is Earned Value management? What is needed for effective EVM? What data element do we need for effective EVM? EV Metrics – what are they? What do they mean? Including analysis of EVM

Michelle Banner

Christine McLean

11/08/2020 EVM Analysis
What if scenario Planning What is scenario modelling? Why do we do this? Including worked examples Michelle Banner 04/08/2020 What if scenario
Social Distancing in the work place New Norms: Responsible contractors and suppliers across the UK have been innovative in deploying one way systems, new cleaning regimes, split-shifts, and added supervision to get their workplaces open again.  With coronavirus here for the foreseeable, workplace outbreaks, and the threat of closures and/or future waves on every corporate risk register, the challenge is now shifting from getting your workplace active to keeping them active.  

Proving and maintaining confidence in effective viral controls must be a priority for all businesses.

Local Track & Trace - Recently launched in the UK by software and services provider RapidDBS, simple wearable technology and plug & play IoT sensors are already helping UK contractors to not only comply with government safe working guidelines but also to gain useful insights from site data as they track, audit and manage their labour and plant resources on a local private network.   

Let’s Connect - Alex and James look forward to remotely demonstrating an active site and exploring applications for better project controls. In a world where connecting remotely is the norm, we will explore how you and your teams could become better connected to reliable up to date performance data and visuals.

Consolidate - Many organisations have already begun their digital journey with biometric gate systems now common and other site sensors deployed across construction sites to monitor things like temperature, noise levels, vibration and security.  We will look at how to consolidate your data from these other sources and make it easily available in one place for your delivery teams and board rooms to stay in control.
Alex Jones and James Hunter

Alex Jones - BD Director - RapidDBS

A chartered civil engineer and project manager with 14 years digital construction experience with main contractors and suppliers.  He is passionate about integrating systems and processes to improve collaboration, quality, reduce waste and add value to organizational performance.


James Hunter -  Technical Director- RapidDBS

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in information technology and services across a range of industries from construction to engineering, manufacturing to finance, he is passionate about business improvement through the adoption of innovative technology.
About RapidDBS:  http://www.rapid-dbs.com
30/07/2020 Social Distancing
Risk Management - Risk Awareness What is a risk? Risk Management Principles, Process and application including how Monte Carlo analysis works Christine McLean 28/07/2020 Risk Management
Added value – How PC information can aid informed decision making Why does Project Controls exist? How do we add value? This webinar will explain this. Michelle Banner 23/06/2020
Added Value