ACostE would like to announce 2 new policies which come into effect immediately




Lapsed Members / Re-joiners Policy.

This policy is to be used to identify members who have let their membership fees fall into arrears or expire, and provide a framework to enable those members wishing to re-join ACostE maintain their membership continuity & benefits, and ensures the continued use of the ACostE post nominals (MACostE / FACostE etc..).

Grace Period

Under this new policy any member whose membership has lapsed for over a year, will be required to re-apply for membership, as well as losing all their benefits and entitlements. The Association has agreed that a 6 month “Grace” period will be applied to this group of lapsed members following the introduction of this policy to allow them to re-join the ACOSTE without loss of benefits, entitlements or having to re-apply.

Any lapsed member re-joining before September 2021 will benefit from this “Grace” period.

New Members Fee Policy

This policy ensures that any new members wishing to join ACostE are not required to pay for a full years’ fees if they join part way through the financial year. It provides guidance on how the membership fees will be pro-rated depending on what date the potential member applies to join.



Re-joining Procedure for Lapsed Members



Fee Structure for New Members