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The Association of Cost Engineers is delighted to confer the award of Honorary Fellow to one of our long term activists Galina Vasilievna Fedeeva - General Director of CJSC Siberian Pricing Center in Construction, Industry and Energy. 

Galina has lead the engagement between the CJSC Siberian Pricing Center and the ACostE since 1994 steering the CJSC in the delivery of key developments in the local body of knowledge, methods of measurement and working practices. 

Galina is a member of the Expert Council on Pricing and Estimated Rationing in Construction at Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, she was awarded the state award "Honoured Economist of the Russian Federation", has the title "Honorary Builder of Russia", was awarded the Honorary Badge "Building Glory".  For her great personal contribution to the improvement of the pricing system in the construction complex in the Omsk region and the Russian Federation by the decree of Russian President V.V. Putin Fadeeva Galina was awarded the Medal of the Order of «Merit to the Fatherland», II degree, badge of distinction «For Service to the Omsk Region» II degree. 

Her life is a vivid example of how a tenacious mind, talent, and ability to work with full dedication bring a person well-deserved success and social recognition. 

Galina Vasilievna Fedeeva Biography 



FADEEVA Galina Vasilievna - General Director of CJSC Siberian Pricing Center in Construction, Industry and Energy (Omsk, Russia), Doctor of Economics. 

After graduating from the Omsk Agricultural Institute, having received a diploma in hydraulic engineering, she worked as an engineer of the design and estimate group, a foreman in the construction of treatment facilities, and the chief technologist of the reinforced concrete products plant. 

Since 1979 - leading engineer of the department of the Main Territorial Administration for the construction of the city of Omsk, then head of the pricing and estimates department. 

In 1994, she was elected General Director of CJSC Siberian Pricing Center in Construction, Industry and Energy, where she still works. 

At the time of the establishment of the Center, there was no unified methodology for pricing in construction in the country; it was developed by the Siberian Pricing Center as a standard that was adopted as a basis for the transition to market relations. 

Under her leadership, currently unparalleled in the country, estimate and regulatory frameworks for construction and proprietary regulatory frameworks for the repair of technological and power equipment were developed for the largest enterprises in Russia, such as Rosseti Siberia, Norilsk Nickel, Polyus Gold, ALROSA, EVRAZ and many others. 

Standards for the repair of engineering equipment have been developed and implemented in 16 regions of Russia. 

Since 1996, the Pricing Center has been a member of the Association of Cost Engineers (AcostE). 

ACostE issued an international certificate of approval for the development of standards for the repair of technological and power equipment. 

An estimate and normative base and maintenance requirement card have been developed for servicing technological and engineering equipment for servicing high-speed and speed electric trains for the Russian Railways company. 

In 2010 at the international forum for the high quality of services in the sphere of pricing in construction, industry and energy, Fadeeva Galina the international award "EUROPEAN QUALITY" was presented. 

Galina believes that optimal rationing of resources determines the economic efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, as the head of the Center, she pays great attention to the training and development of staff. 

Engaged in scientific activities. She is the author of over 40 scientific articles and publications in newspapers and magazines. 

She has 12 acts of implementation of innovative developments in many regions of Russia. She is the author of the textbook "Guidelines for determining the estimated cost of total apartment buildings renovation", in which the concept of organizing total renovation of common property of apartment buildings was developed on a scientific basis, consolidated estimated standards were formed, taking into account the introduction of standards for the operation of constructs, a procedure for determining the estimated cost was established total renovation depending on the territorial characteristics.