ACostE Committees

The Association has a number of Standing Committees and Technical Committees.

Standing committees are appointed by Council to deal with specific aspects of the day-to-day functioning of the Association such as admissions to membership.

Technical Committees provide a focus for sharing of knowledge within the various disciplines represented by the Association, as well as liaison with the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) and other professional bodies. They play an important role in sustaining the growth of the Association and in the maintenance and development of the skills needed for the future of our profession.

Technical committees are made up of groups of specialists generally drawn from the membership, with a Chairman appointed by Council. Queries and requests for guidance, which are received by the Association, are directed to the appropriate committee to determine how help can be provided. This can lead to the identification of subjects, or gaps in knowledge for which a committee may wish to initiate further work which will be of benefit to our membership and the profession as a whole.