The Association of Cost Engineers is proud to offer Company Membership

The ACostE is offering the opportunity for Company Membership of the Association to all Business Entities, which provide or include a Project Controls Service employing Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning and Commercial Support personnel.

  • Develop your staff through our wide range of qualifications and learning opportunities. Including C.Eng, I. Eng, Eng. Tech, Post graduate Certification and occupational competence qualifications at all levels of experience.
  • Join the Company Member Forum to help shape the direction of our professional Association.
  • Influence the content of future qualification development through the Association.
  • Use the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) for overseas contacts.
  • Keep up to date with developments across all project controls disciplines in industry, through the Project Control Professional journal.
  • Use the Special Interest Groups, On-line learning, advertising opportunities, networking with peers, library and Seminars

The Association of Cost Engineers Company Membership

The Association of Cost Engineers is the home for professional practitioners engaged in the activities contributing to the effective control of projects and of industrial and business operations.

The Association is dedicated to enhancing the professional standing, competence and development of practitioners and the businesses in which they are employed. Company Membership of the Association helps organisations to develop their project control and cost engineering capabilities, and those of their employees, as well as helping the member organisation to enhance its professional profile and engage in the development of best practice.

Company Membership provides access to, and networking opportunities with, a number of major national and international organisations as resources that can help member companies in the winning and execution of their business.

The Association recognises that the requirements of business operations are a continuously developing scene. It anticipates that the features of the Company Membership Scheme will also change to meet the members changing needs. The scheme contains the means for this to happen through company member representatives playing a leading role in the operations of the Association.

To help member companies to access the resources of the Company Membership Scheme, we have a dedicated member of our headquarters staff as the first point of contact for members.

All Company Members will have access to facilities which include but are not limited to Benchmarking and NVQs through TASC, our competence based qualification delivery organisation, Certification, contacts overseas through the International Cost Engineering Council, On-Line learning. Company members will also have a dedicated Forum for contact with their peers and to influence the ACostE Council in the strategic development of the profession.

Membership is available to all organisations for a variable fee appropriate to the size of the organisation concerned.

Resources Available To Company Members

Engineering Council

The Association, through its relationship with the Society of Environmental Engineers, is able to take candidates through to the award of the C.Eng, I.Eng and Eng.Tech. professional qualifications. The Association is a licensed Affiliate of the Engineering Council and participates fully in influencing the development of the profession.

International Cost Engineering Council

The Association is a founder member of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC). ICEC has 49 member professional bodies in more than 40 countries. The professional bodies that make up ICEC have a total of about a quarter of a million members.

The Technical Professional Network

The Association has established a collaborative working relationship with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). The ACostE recognises that a significant proportion of the 150,000 IET membership is involved in project or other management roles. This provides opportunities for both sets of professionals to engage with each other to enhance knowledge and expertise.


Each Company Member will be able to appoint a representative to the Company Members Forum, which is chaired by the Association President. Five places on the ACostE Council are reserved for elected representatives of Company Members.

Professional Qualifications and Benchmarking

The Association has a range of professional qualifications that support and recognise the development of practitioner competence from the start of their careers through to the highest level of professional standing.

Fees, Journal and Forum Representatives

Membership is available to all organisations for a variable fee appropriate to the size of the organisation concerned.

The Fees for Company Memberships are as prescribed by the ACostE Directors and Council and will be applicable for any business entity.

Size of company project control or cost engineering personnel


Company Members Application Fee Annual Fee Journal Forum Representatives
1-10 £300 £500 3 copies 1
11-250 £300 £1,000 5 copies 2
251-1,000 £500 £1,500 7 copies 3
1001 + £1,000 £3,000 10 copies 4

To Apply For ACostE Company Membership

For Membership Application Form, and full details contact

Vanessa Tattersall,
The Association of Cost Engineers
Lea House,
5 Middlewich Road,
CW11 1XL.

Tel 01270-764798

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