Membership Levels

The membership of the Association is divided into Corporate Members, which includes Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Members and non-corporate members who are Affiliates, the grades of which are Associate, Graduate, Student and Companion.

Members may use the following abbreviations:

Membership Level

Authorised Abbreviation

Honorary Fellow

Hon FA Cost E


FA Cost E


MA Cost E


Grad A Cost E




AA Cost E


Companion A Cost E

A person may not be eligible to become either a corporate member or an affiliate unless they satisfy the requirements of the Bye-Laws currently in force. A similar provision applies for transfer from one grade of membership to another.

If the Admissions Committee decide to refuse membership or transfer normally a reason for this will be given. An applicant can appeal to the Council of the Association for a review of the case and, again, normally any reason for refusal will be given. An applicant who is registered with the Engineering Council has the right of further appeal to the Engineering Council who will review the situation.