What you have to do next

Read the guidance contained in the Application Supporting Notes. Download the application form from this website, and complete. Send the completed form to the Association as per the guidance. The Application fee can be paid with the application or invoiced.

Having registered for tiered accreditation, the Board will decide at what level they feel you should be targeted; this will determine what Level package is issued to you

You will:

  • Have a level package (Benchmark) issued for completion and submission. In the main, the format is a series of open ended questionnaires you will be expected to complete and have verified by your sponsors before submission, there may be some National Units of Assessment (NUA) to complete dependent on your prior learning (again a questionnaire format).
  • Have assessors and/or Board Contacts appointed as necessary, who will support any queries you may have and will assess any NUA, level pack or Practice Paper you need to complete. 
  • Having been awarded a professional status


You will:

  • Following Award, the use of your post nominal in correspondence, and your working life requires you to demonstrate your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You demonstrate your professional standing by maintaining a structured diary on an ongoing basis of any professional development and enhancing activities since award.
  • The Board will call in a sample of registrant's CPD diaries each year for review and will request on a random basis to see your CPD record. Failure to maintain your Professional standing and record may result in suspension of your Professional status until your CPD records have satisfactorily been updated, and possibly an interview with the Board may be necessary.
  • The CPD process requires typically the following types of activities: enhancing activities at work, seminars or courses attended, papers submitted/presented, articles written, attendance at Professional body events etc that you feel have enabled you to grow professionally as a person.


Download Application Form

Application Supporting Notes

Process Diagram

Practice Paper Brief

Level 5 National Units of Assessment (NUA)


Completed applications or general enquiries should be sent to:

Email to: contact@acoste.co.uk

By Post to: 

Association of Cost Engineers,
Lea House,
5 Middlewich Road,
CW11 1XL

Fees can be sent by post to the above address or can be made by telephoning the office on 01270 764 798